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An enthousiastic team of driven specialists and generalists who work together on creating a living environment that is balanced and in harmony. The initiator of this platform is Ellen te Brake. She shares her vision and finds and connects people, knowledge and products where necessary. For every project we compose a team that fits your wishes.

Ellen te Brake - Signed by Nature
Inspirer, organiser and bridge builder

In this rapidly changing age I am an anchor and inspirer in the field of healthy living environments. It is my mission to attune people and organisations to an economic age of awareness and perception. I like entrepreneurship, glitter and glamour, but also realness. Nature is my passion, organising, inspiring and connecting are my talents. I am the initiator of this platform, the coordinator and the contact person in the entire process.

Nina Dahmen - Exterior Amsterdam
Interior designer, concept developer and marketeer

As a marketeer with a passion for branding, I advise companies and brands on developing, improving and re-positioning their brand- and company identity with interior design at its core. The influence of our surroundings is fascinating to me and I find great joy in creating people-friendly work- and living environments. My experience as a marketeer helps me to three-dimensionalise the company identity of companies and brands, and completely integrate them in the interior design. I would like to help you design your ideal surroundings.

Colin Damhof - Stone World
Visionary, adventurer and entrepreneur

From a young age I have been interested in rocks, not bricks, eventhough I like building and admiring buildings, but gemstones. I like to challenge myself by realising the very best and to deliver precisely that which cannot be found anywhere else. To achieve this, I traveled the world and discovered many countries and cultures. The most important thing I learned from this, is that respecting nature is more important than materialism. Using natural sources results in a pure product. Products that capture the imagination and carry a deeper meaning. People are touched by these products, which inspires me. Unique gemstone products require patience. Producing them is difficult when trying to conform to todays standards, but this process makes you aware and keeps you grounded.

Our mission:
“Creating healthy environments for people and the earth.”

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Does Perfect Living appeal to you, or do you have a talent or speciality that connects with us? If so, I would like to invite you for a cup of coffee or fresh mint tea! Feel free to call Ellen. Telephone: 0031-6-211 175 00.
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